Welcome to Red Valley Comics.

Surviving since 2009!

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Peace and Greetings to you :)
                                                                                                  -Joshua Alexander

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Red Valley comics has survived 2 years! ^_^

Back on schedule ?

Will things get back on the road, from my return ?

Going away

I am going away for 2 weeks, so the site won't be updated like it should. However...that's what my other admins are for!  
So update the site guys, when i'm gone...
                                                                                      - Webmaster,

I began posting Ultimate Ninja as of 7/6/11

It's going to take awhile to finish.

A lot has been going on.....

So much stress and personal problems has keep me a way from the site. On July 6th, 2011, things will be back in order!


Maybe I shouldn't have deleted those members, so now I have no idea what to do next! lol

It's here

The Character of the month is posted!  So go check it out.....

It's good to be back ^^

It's good to be back on this site, I see that Josh is trying his best to support Japan. It's also sad  to see no one donate to us :( But that's ite though, I see how people operate when it comes to the needy! Anyway, I hope this new site order works out.


It deletion has started! :(

We now clear the space of spam and dead log in users!

Madness to Midnight!

You have until midnight to log in!

2 more Days!

The 30th is just around the corner, log in people!

5 more days

You have 5 more days to log in, I'm not kidding you! 

The Podcast is here!

Go view the podcast in the podcast tab.

10 more days

You have 10 more days to sign in, before 4/30/11!
Podcast is coming soon....


You guys have 14 more days to log in. 4/30/11 is deletion time!
That also goes for all members, admins and moderators are included! 


We have add a lot of interesting stuff, feel free to browser the site.  Like

1) More shirts to the cafe shop

2) More character infomation

3) A donation app for Japan

4) More arcade games

We hope that you like what you see



Now that I have Ult. Ninja back, I'm not sure what to do with it! Make a message in the forums to let me know that you still are interested, that also goes for Blushes as well.

Guess what I found 3/13/11 ?

I FOUND ULT.NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT INTIL JAIKAIRO FINDS OUT THAT I.......T_T. I need a minute, maybe a couple of days. Keep Japan and my friend Jaiden in your prayers, also Hawaii!

No response

As many of you may know or not. A Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan today. My asst. Webmaster Jaiden Kaito Royama(Full Name) "Jaikairo", went back home to Japan for the summer and it just happens that Jaikairo was permanently staying over there. The reason being was because of a sick relative, and his parents wanted to be near home. When I heard that the earthquake was over 8.9, my heart jumped with freight! Then a Tsunami hit after! People missing, buried alive and even dead! I called Jaikairo a couple of minutes ago and their was no response....T_T.  Please keep my friend Jaikairo in your prayers, and Japan as well.


Part 1 of Blushes is Complete! All I have to do is add subtittles and I can add it to the website.

 I will post it no later than March 11th .

Jan 6.

From all of us too you we would to wish Joshua Alexander our boss a happy belated birthday

Blushes is not complete

I am not finished with part one, the climax hasn't even begun to drop. But the story must go on! So the next story is After New Generation. That should be done in 2-4 months time.

We are making progress

The main story of Blushes is about to be established! With two chapters complete, the 9th grade story line is 25% done. That's just 9th grade part, there still is 10th and 11th. So far the whole Blushes story line is at 1%. Each chapter is 0.5%.


The series that will replace Ult.Ninja is called Blushes. The story Blushes follows Jason&Christian's High school life, and many characters are introduced and it is emotional as much as it has action, right after that will follow New Generation. I am currently working on blushes as I type

New story to post

I have decided to change the plans, instead of putting Ult. Ninja on the site, I will put up New Generation, Jasper's origin story! It's not as good as Ult. Ninja, but it can stand on it's own. I won't promise you when it will be on here, but it shall be on here. Comment on the forums for a response.

Character names

I have made a name comparison for most of the characters on this site. Certain characters have two names, so it will be their false name and their birth name.
 Check out the blog

What's next on the agena ?

Make a new post, so i can hear your thoughts.

Happy 1 year Anniversary

We made it to one year, let's continue to make more!!! 

LOL! I am so screwed!

Umm...you guys might hate me for this, but i lost the Ult.Ninja book, yeah...heh-heh sorry. I will continue to search for it, but if push comes to shove, i will have to rewrite it.

It's coming

The anniversary is coming up, and it be official a year! 

Ok....now i'm serious

Can you visitors stop sending spam and other worthless suff on the guest book page. IT WILL BE DELETED!!!!! So that's a fair warning, so stop it!

Looks like another podcast problem?

For some strange reason, the podcasts are always having  problems. I can't confirm to you when it will be fixed but...soon.
And addressing "The Road to Ult." It will be have to be put on hold for awhile, Sorry...but a family issue has come up, and it take awhile to recover!


Podcast 3 should be coming up real soon....podcast 3 will feature mini bio of the character Genkou, and a brief bio of the ancient gene, victors, outstrange, and his children.


Attention all members, now is your chance to tell me what you would like on the site. You have from 8/25 -9/2/10 to let me on my user page or in the forums" what would you like to improve' tab. I look forward to this! 

8/23/10 Fixed the Podcast

Well i fixed the podcast and added a new one, go check it out

Coming Soon

The story all of you been waiting for is going to happen, it's coming to the site, very soon!

sorry no can do :(

So let me get this straight..there's 14 members yet, and only 6 voted ? It's 8 No's or undecided to 6 Yes's.  You can thank your fellow members for The Road to Ult. Ninja not to appear on this site. It's a shame when people don't log in and read the main page bulletin. Don't worry...theres a reward for the peolpe who voted.

4 days down, 3 days left

You got thursday, friday and saturday to vote. So far we got two votes for yes, i'm not going to say who voted but it's a shame only two voted!


You have a week to vote on the poll, whether you want to read The Road to Ult. Ninja on this site or not. If you voted before today it didn't count. So now go vote again. Oh and when you do... no double voting, cuz i'll know. Good luck!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Joshua

Do you want to Read it?

The choice is yours...There is a new poll, If you vote you can read the new finshied story: The Road to Ultimate Ninja. I will post the story on here, the only down grade is that inside the book there are spoofs and chibi drawings. You won't be able to see them. Like i said...the choice is yours!


I am no logger Head Admin

Joshua has took my place as Admin, i'm now bumped down to Moderator. *sigh* I had funny bossing people, but now i'm one of them. So i'm making a seperate account and while he takes the Site owner Account. That's the latest news.

nothing new...

I know it's been awhile since i updated you with the ulimate ninja story, but nothing new much happened. Josh is still fixing it up, and i'm trying to enjoy my little summer break. Hope something new happens!


Joshua is adding subtitles to Ultimate Ninja & Fixing the grammer, if any! But he said "I probably won't promise this, but maybe i'll have Jaikairo post a few chapters of Ult. Ninja! The chapters will not spoil anything,  but it should keep you interested in the story, and the books that come before & after this saga." Wow...maybe i shouldn't quit yet, but when he finishies the book, i get first DIBS! I WILL BE WAITING!!!!!


This week for sure, it should be finshi....I get first dibs! I can't FREAK'N WAIT! THE HYPE IS TOO MUCH!!!!! O.o


Happy fourth of July& Joshua still isn't done....what a let down!

All most done

Ult. Ninja is at 95 %! Give Josh a round of appaulse! He said that he should be done before the fourth of july. I hope so!

The Road To Ultimate Ninja

I'm happy to tell you that the story is now at 65%.! We just have to wait for 35% more.

The following books are finshied

The Following are in the L.A.W. Book Series

1) Legendary Ancient Warriors Season 1(Book 1)

2) Legendary Ancient Warriors Movie 1: The Hero that can't let go(Book 2)

3) Legendary Ancient Warriors Fighting Spirit Season 2-3 (Book 2& 3)

4) Legendary Ancient Warriors Movie 2: Second Impact( Book 3)

5) Legendary Ancient Fighting Spirit Warriors Season 2-3( Book 8-9)

The Following are in the Untold Series 

1) Old Breed New Beginning(  Book 1 of that series, Sections 1-3)

The following are still working in Progress

1) The Road To Ultimate Ninja: Unsheath Edition ("Season 4 of the L.A.W. Series"  Book 4) 45% done

2) A.C.C.U.R.A.( Book 1 of that series, Section 1) 10% done

3) Warriors At Rebirth( Book 1 of that series) 25% done

4) Legendary Ancient Warriors New Generation Season 5 (Book3) 20% done

5) Legendary Ancient Fighting Sprirt Warriors Season 5( Book 10)  14% done

The Following Books come after Each other

After The Road To Ultimate Ninja Season 4 < Legendary Ancient Warriors New Generation Part 1  Season 5 < Legendary Ancient Warriors Fighting Spirit Season 6-7< Legendary Ancient Warriors New Generation Part 2 Season 8< Legendary Ancient Fighting Spirit Warriors Season 9-15

Book wise: After The Road to Ult. Ninja comes L.A.W New Generation then New Story Old Closing, then all the other books in the L.A.W Series

So...so far 15 seasons are planned to happen? Wow...that's creative,Let the juice flow JOSH!!!! I can't wait to read them. Really....I REALLY CAN'T WAIT!!! HURRY UP JOSHUA!!!!!!

The Birth of Silent Snow Pt 1 (Lord Uzimaki, General Sasasuke, Lady Haruno Fight)

The Birth of Silent Snow Pt 1 (Lord Uzimaki, General Sasasuke, Lady Haruno Fight) is posted in the forums, trust me...you want to read that! That's a very good scene especially if your curious about The Road to Ultimate Ninja story, THATS TAKING A LONG TIME TO WRITE! Shoot...i wanna read it! But this scence keep my hopes up. xD

What's new ?


1)  Joshua& I are still work'n on the podcast

2) Joshua's writing Ult.Ninja

3) I'm still running the site....*sigh* Only i log on!

4) I'm still working on the L.A.W Wiki/ Characters such as Remy:http://jaysterthe.webs.com/apps/wiki/remy

5) We final have a Poll, so the questions in the forum can be anwsered in the Poll section of the website

Glitch Is Getting Fixed

4/27/10-This site is under a small bug, it's being fixed.

5/2/10-We will update the song & background when it's fixed

5/8/10- The Glitch isn't letting us edit the infomation in the Wiki. Our main suit! We will keep trying.

5/11/10- Don't really know if it's random, but we were able to edit one our characters" Joshua". We corrected some info, and added a little bit of background on the the new series " The RoadTo Ultimate Ninja" just a little bit, still keeping you posted!


We are currently have a new member, and the member has agreed to post news in our fictional story. Purphaps every day, if possible. If you want to see then click on our World News page.


We have been able to make a podcast, but the file won't upload...i'll keep you posted- Jaikairo


For the next couple of weeks, we will be working on a animated gif or a site mascot. If you have any idea who the character, should me, please contact us in the new forum


We have just finshied the series chart & the power chart. Here are the links

power chart:http://jaysterthe.webs.com/apps/wiki/power-chart-2

series chart:http://jaysterthe.webs.com/apps/wiki/series-chart-2


We are currently making podcast for the website, so you can understand the L.A.W. series


march 12 2009, i will post the rpgmaker project on this website. It's incomplete but we tried.

If there is any questions, contact me "Jaikairo''


 All members please comment on the rpgmaker  forum, the project will soon end, we would like to hear your suggestions...it is a joint effort is not?


If there is any suggestions on the rpg maker xp project, bring your toughts to the Rpg Maker forum post.


the rpg maker xp project begins

The music playing on the home page

The music currently playing at the home page is called Unision,& it  was made by The Alxser Bros.

The Alxser Bros. is a rap group making songs for our anime! We take the lyrics out and provide the instrumental part for you to hear. Rejoice..we are almost there!

Welcome 1/19/10

 It's a new week. I would like to inform you that the site creator will be uploading comic strips of his manga  very soon. I can't wait to see and read them.

check out our music

My friend Hydrohydra posted music on last.fm support him by listening to it:http://www.last.fm/music/Hydrohydra/L.A.W+Fighting+Spirit+Collection+Album+1%28Season+1-5%29

Welcome 1/08-12/10

Resume regualr activity. Comment on forums ,write your stories in blogs and add characters to the l.a.w wiki

Happy Birthday 01/06/10

Happy bithday to Jaikairo & Webmaster Joshua. Don't forget to save us a piece of that cake!


Happy new year!!!!!


Enjoy your winter vacation!


Have a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas

welcome 12/17/09

Attention all  new members! Create a blog introducting your self...were are all friends we would like to get to know you... please do this for me.-Jaikairo

welcome 12/16/09

We have links to our partner sites... go check them out in links.

welcome 12/15/09

 Don't forget to check out the forums new user's we havea new forum asking what are you getting for christmas. I want to hear your insight and see your replies!

Welcome 12/12/09

Rejoice! We finally have an Arcade here's the link:http://members.webs.com/MembersB/editAppPage.jsp?app=arcade&pageID=151214882#arcade/

Theres also this game called Fighting Spirit..what's up with that?

Welcome 12/10/09

Checkout the timeline:http://members.webs.com/MembersB/editAppPage.jsp?app=wiki&pageID=144671276#wiki/time-line


Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to give thanks and be thankful to your family and friends.

Welcome 11/20/09

The staff has added more info on the wiki and the blogs. To see... check here:



Welcome 11/13/09

Still fixing the site up...The staff have been making blogs and adding characters to the database...hopefully!

Welcome 10/21/09

If you want to know the progress of the site go to news. It won't be updated every day but at least you'll know what's being updated! So i'll keep you posted if anything new comes up. Also...Keep a eye on the calender, Special events are coming up besides....birthdays!

Welcome 10/20/09

Can't sign up...don't know where to go to sign up?

Here's what you do...Go to members and click on sign up or here's the link:http://jaysterthe.webs.com/apps/auth/signup

If your here to show some support go to the guestbook or here's the link:http://jaysterthe.webs.com/apps/guestbook/

or if your just visting then...i hope you enjoy the site!

Welcome 10/17/09

Welcome to the offical L.a.w Fighting Spirit Website

This is the second attempt at creating a website. The first one was deleted when freewebs changed a year ago. So since your here...i'm glad. And i'll keep you posted. Thank you and have a nice day!

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  • "The Kid: " I thought you were strong!, You looked like a hero, how could you let her die?" Joshua: " I didn't, she saved me... I could of been dead, but you what..I'm glad ..."
    I'm not a Hero
    Joshua's Hero speech
  • "You only get one chance in life, two chances if your lucky, there is no third chance. Hopefully you would learn from the second chance, not to mess up"
    Lives chances
    Rose told Joshua
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    It's over!
    Joshua's Speech to Al-Kareem before his defeat

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